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About Mielo Food Products Pvt Ltd

Mielo Food Products Pvt Ltd is a dynamic new venture founded by Deepak Baghel and Neha Rai, both seasoned entrepreneurs with engineering backgrounds from prestigious institutions like IIT Bombay and DAVV University. Leveraging their successful experience in the beekeeping industry through Honey Bee Web and Mielo Honey brand, Deepak has now ventured into the food industry with this exciting new project. The primary objective of Mielo Food Products Pvt Ltd is to offer high-quality and exceptional food products to consumers across India.
Quality is at the core of Mielo Food Products' philosophy. The company is committed to utilizing only the finest ingredients and implementing stringent quality control measures to ensure that its products are not only delectable but also healthy and nutritious. As a result, they have a diverse range of honey products available.
Benefitting from Deepak's profound expertise in the field and Neha's exceptional management skills, the company has already achieved a strong presence on various e-commerce platforms, attracting orders from customers all over India. Mielo Food Products Pvt Ltd has also extended its offerings to include corporate gifts and pollination services.

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